Sisters are angels sent
down to earth to make good
days and help us
find our way

My Sister Is...
someone who helps me find my smile.
Who accepts me for what I am.
who lets me know that my efforts
really are worthwhile, and that
my accomplishments are worthy ones.
She lets me know that she will
catch me if I fall. She's so much
more wonderful than she will admit
to being. She watches out for me
and helps me through it all...

My Sister Is...
a person who is great to have around.
She's someone who laughs at my jokes
(maybe because she has the same warped
sense of humor!) and she understands
the times when I need a shoulder to cry
on. She is there for me in the exact
same way that I will always be there
for her. Our friendship will always
remain, and our love will never depart.

My Sister...
deserves to know that even though I
don't always get a chance to show it,
she is absolutely essential to the
happiness... that lives within my heart.